Season 1 Episode 2

: Footage From Tower Bridge Attack

Were the Elementals truly to blame? Eugene Thompson’s high school friends call him “Flash” - but no one could have predicted how prophetic that nickname would become in the aftermath of the London attacks! In a flash of lightning and thunder, the fourth of the so-called “Elementals” was unleashed upon our world - and only the great Mysterio stood in his way. In this exclusive video, readers can get a first-hand glimpse at the panic and chaos on the streets of London... ... but they can also hear Flash’s ominous tone as he describes the storm falling to a swarm of “drones.” Other eye-witness accounts corroborate this strange occurrence - and we at the Bugle have to ask: what was this technology doing at the site of an Elemental attack? Is there something more to this event? And what to make of the much-remarked-upon appearance of that webbed menace, Spider-Man? Watch the video and send us your theories today!
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